Saturday, March 19, 2005

New poem

hail all ye sharks...there be blood in the waters...

chew on this first draft...then comment and make your view known...


On the other side

She pinging as I tracked

One ping only

And I took all the bait

Seven years of Naivete.

On the other side

She pinging a dual

Deception of Détente

Ingrown into incestuous

14 years of dead lust and loss.

Three torpedoes,

Two still live

In my fresh fleshy steel side

I go silent and deep

Sinking to the bottom.

It’s quiet here

Peaceful, imaginative

Beautiful in a dark way

Mysterious and true

Safe and compact.

Above come their wars

Their politics and madness

Their lawyers and paper

Their endless feckless theologies

And wargames.

Not here in the dark quiet as

The Buddha stops by for tea

The giant squid makes his

Last confession

Jesus swims with the fishes

Then laughs.

It is beautiful here

On the ever-drawn floor

Of all that was, is

And ever will be.

But we must rise!

Wait and watch

Mindful and so

Carefully full.